Saturday, 8 October 2011

My Clinic

My Clinic is at Suite 16 of The Strand Building, its the one at the top of Bulcock Street with the Movie Theatres in it, number 11.

My husband Darryl is a Retired Professional Photographer, so I have the most wonderful waiting room, a photo gallery. He presently does Photo Restoration.  Come and see it!

Come in the entrance at the Bulcock Street Corner, between the "Yab Yum" Dress Shop (with colourful garments from Nepal, Thailand etc) and Happy Days Cafe, just follow the ramp up and around and you'll come to our gallery.

We are only there by appointment, so give me a call on my Mobile, 0404097856, or if you want to talk to Darryl about Photography, call him on 0404098856.  (His website is, his blog