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Note: None of the clients invited to give testimonials below were coerced by being offered discounted treatments or gifts of any kind.

"Recently, I sustained a shoulder injury playing rugby resulting in muscular and joint damage. As a result of this injury the range of movement in my shoulder was significantly inhibited and the minimal movement available was extremely painful which affected my ability to perform tasks at work. After receiving initial treatments with Debra through the manipulation of pressure points in my feet there was a noticeable difference in the range of movement in my shoulder and significant pain reduction. After two more treatments full range of movement had been restored and movement was almost completely painless. I would certainly recommend reflexology be considered as a treatment option because it has certainly been beneficial in aiding the recovery of my injury and would happily utilize Debra and reflexology for future injuries."

Ben, Mooloolaba
Date: Wed Oct 12 2011

"Earlier this year my GP called me in for a thorough check up. My blood pressure was nearly 200 - he said it was due to stress (I am a carer for my disabled son). I told him I would like to try and get my blood pressure down naturally, he said he would give me 5 weeks. I had 7 consecutive 1 1/2 hour sessions with Debra within those 5 weeks. I didn't realise my muscles were so tight. While also paying attention to my diet and doing some regular exercise, by the 5th week my blood pressure was consistantly under 140. The stiffness in my legs has gone. I found the sessions very relaxing and enjoyable."

Dorothy, Aroona
Date: Fri Oct 14 2011

"I first came to see Debbie in July 2000 when she was at A Perfect Blend in the main street. I had a back injury 10 years before and was so sore I couldn't lift anything. The reflexology and PDM Reflex Therapy greatly helped ease my pain and increase my mobility. I eventually needed back surgery in 2003 after which I continued to have pain, then I had heart surgery in 2006. I still regularly see Debbie as I believe she has kept me going, I swear by her treatment. She keeps me mobile now into my 80s. She also treated my late husband continuing to give him reflexology when he was in a nursing home with Louis Body Dementia. The Doctors said that one day his memory of his family would just go and he wouldn't know us after that. That day did come, however, the next day he remembered us again. He remembered his family on and off right until he passed. I recommend Debbie's treatment highly. I can't say enough about her."

Marj, Caloundra Central
Date: Fri Oct 14 2011

"Deb has been my practitioner for 8 years and has cared for me during the most difficult health periods in my life. Her ability to alleviate my pain and care for me when I'm suffering has been remarkable. When my sister who is disabled and has ongoing medical conditions came to visit from overseas, I arranged for Deb to give her weekly treatments during her stay. My sister Janice said she could not remember when she felt so free of pain and how tremendously happy she was to meet Deb and receive treatment from her. Yes I highly recommend Deb as one who genuinely cares for her patients and listens to their concerns."

Date: Monday Oct 24 2011

I would thoroughly recommend Debra. Over the last 6 years, she has helped me with constant back problems which I have had for 50 years and this year she has helped me get back movement from a shoulder injury. She is fantastic.

Sue, Pelican Waters
Date: Wednesday Nov 2 2011