Saturday, 8 October 2011

What is Massage?


Swedish/Relaxation Massage

·         Massage is a natural tranquiliser, it has been proven to slow the heartbeat, and lower blood pressure, the fastest and most effective way to relax

·         Sickness and stress go hand in hand, the more relaxed you are, the healthier you will be

·         Massage is a natural pain reliever, you probably use it every day as a healing instinct, to rub a hurt elbow, to relieve tired eyes, to cuddle a crying baby and pat its back to relieve wind.

·         Massage is not just pain relieving, it is comforting, soothing, reassuring, pampering and makes you feel happy.


Sports Massage

·         Assists recovery between intense training sessions

·         Monitors stresses which may be building up in the body, and so warns against potential injury

·         Is the most effective treatment for many types of injury

·         Helps recuperation after injury

(Quote from Hugh Jones, Marathon Runner Champion from Great Britain, as published in the book “Sports Massage” by Dr Jari Ylinen and Mel Cash)


Sports massage includes deeper techniques and stretching.

·         Improves circulation and lymphatic circulation, increasing blood flow vital for repair and growth.

·         Improves the removal of waste like lactic acid which builds up after hard exercise, normalising tissue metabolism, reducing pain.

·         Stretching in sports massage is advantageous as fibres can be stretched in all directions, releasing muscle tension.

·         In treatment of past injuries and overuse injuries, Sports Massage helps break down scar tissue and adhesions, break down fibrosis, restoring normal range of movement.

·         Repetitive muscle effort can make muscles hard and inelastic, a negative effect of hard training. Sports massage helps maintain normal elasticity.

·         Where there has been restriction in movement due to pain or bad posture, soft tissues shrink and lose their elasticity, causing pain. Sports Massage stretching effects are beneficial relieving pain.

·         Sports Massage balances the autonomous nervous system, reducing irritation from overactivity, easing abdominal pain and can normalise bowel function which may have been disturbed due to psychological or physical stress.