Tuesday, 11 October 2011


Diploma of Reflexology (final subjects with Sunshine Coast Institute of TAFE)
- including:
- Aromatherapy Massage (SCIT)
- Relaxation/Swedish Massage (Australian Institute of Applied Sciences)
- Sports Massage (Australian Institute of Applied Sciences)

Reflexology Practitioner (Queensland School of Reflexology - with Heather Edwards)
- including Ingham Method
- Advanced Reflexology

Post Graduate Courses & Workshops:
- Cranial Sacral Method (Dr. Martine Faure-Alderson)
- Rwo Shur (Chinese Reflexology)
- Acupressure and other protocols for Sinus/Sinusitis (Vera Emmi)
- Maternity Reflexology (Suzanne Enzer, Lyndall Mollart)
- Kruchik Method - Reflexology for the Treatment of pain

PDM Reflex Therapy Practitioner
Hatchard's Way Manipulative Muscle Therapy or MMT (Bill Hatchard)
Muscle Balance Analysis (Al Skrobisch)

Member of the Reflexology Association of Australia (http://www.reflexology.org.au)
Member of the International Institute of Reflexology (http://www.reflexology-usa.net)

Available by appointment: Ph 0404097856